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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freaks 5 (Wurstfilm)

The pigs in Wurstfilm's Freaks 5 live up to those of the prior films -- and possibly outdo them.  The bottoms in this movie don't just pretend to love cum and piss, it's clear that they actually do.  Not all of them are the best looking guys working in porn, but I'd much rather watch guys who clearly love being cumdumps or urinals than I would the typical porn prettyboys who fake it out of contractual obligation.

A gloryhole pig sucks off two cocks and swallows their loads, then is tag teamed by two additional guys who test his piss drinking abilities (he passes their test with flying colors).
A pig is pounded by a black muscle top who shoots his ample load in a glass. The pig drinks the warm load hungrily.
The hot guy above is masturbating with a huge photo of himself in the background. The three guys sucking his cock try to prove that they can worship him more than he worships himself. They suck him until rewarded... a load jacked off over each of their hungry open mouths.
 The bottom above is tag teamed by two hot tops...
...and lives up to the name written on his ass in sharpie...
...when he licks both tops' cumloads off the glass coffee table where they both jacked off, and does it with a smile on his face the entire time.